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Environmental Clearance and Permits

Our team is committed to process all the necessary environmental permits and clearances needed based on the nature of the company. We are offering services for compliance to get appropriate clearance and permit for the company.


Permit to Operate is a permit issued by DENR-EMB to the companies or organization allowing them to operate sources of air pollution based on the prescribed emission (DAO 2008-81).


Discharge permit is a legal authorization issued by DENR-EMB that specifies and states the prescribed wastewater discharges (DAO 2016-08) from any facility or a project.


Water Permit is an evidence document for which known as the water rights which a privilege granted by the government to the appropriate and use of water

Categories of Water Permit:

  • Water Permit for Municipal Use
  • Water Permit for Irrigation Use
  • Water Permit for Power Generation
  • Water Permit for Industrial Use
  • Water Permit for Fisheries
  • Water Permit for Other Uses (Recreation, Commercial, Memorial Park etc.)
  • Water Permit for Livestock Raising
  • Other Requirements

Hazardous Waste

Various permits for the hazardous waste as amended with Republic Act of 6969. 

List of permits required for hazardous waste:

  • Permit for Hazardous Waste General ID (new and renewal)
  • Issuance of Permit of Transport for Hazardous Waste
  • Issuance of Transporter Certificate (TRC)
  • Small Quantity Importation (SQI) Clearance
  • Chemical Control Order (CCO)
  • Chemical Control Order for Cyanide, Mercury, Asbestos, Lead and ODS (CCO-ODS)
  • Issuance of Philippine Inventory of Chemical and Chemical Substances (PICCS) Certification
  • Issuance of Treatment, Storage, and Disposal (TSD) Registration Certificate

Other Permits

Environmental related clearances and permits require depends on the nature of the company. Listed below are the other permits we are engaged to process.

Laguna Lake Development Authority Clearance

  • New LLDA Clearance
  • LLDA Clearance Exemption
  • LLDA Clearance Expansion
  • LLDA Clearance Amendment


Other needed environmental Permits

Let us know your other environmental compliance needs and we will be happy to assist your business. 

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